Interpreting assignments are usually reimbursed according to daily rates. These may differ greatly and depend on various criteria (the type of event, the languages represented and the number of interpreters these require, etc.). Daily rates apply to assignment durations of up to 8 hours on site. A day’s work of this kind, these 8 hours, requires 2-3 days’ preparation depending on the area of expertise and level of difficulty.

Expenses for travel and overnight stays may also apply.


It is vital to supply interpreters with materials with which to prepare for their assignment in due time before the event commences. These may include the programme or agenda, a list of participants, presentations (even if these are not yet final), conference materials or corporate terminology lists. Of course, any and all information will be treated with themostt confidentiality








In principle, prices and quotes can only be provided once the original text has been consulted. Translations are usually invoiced by the standard line (55 characters with spaces) or by the word (e.g. for Excel files), with the target text forming the basis for this calculation.


Any certificates may be collected in person or sent to you by post. A lump-sum processing and postage fee of EUR 5 is applied to postage within Germany. For postage elsewhere, this fee is negotiated separately depending on the destination country


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