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  • conference materials
  • certificates
  • contracts
  • websites
  • publicity material



  • conference interpreting
  • simultaneous interpreting
  • consecutive interpreting
  • liaison interpreting
  • community interpretin
  • remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI)g

Additional services


Do you require the appropriate technical equipment for your event? We’ll be happy to refer you to our trusted technical service provider. Would you like to heighten your employees’ and guests’ awareness of any cultural specifics? We’d be delighted to advise you.




  • international conferences
  • european workes council
  • union representative meetings
  • negotiations and discussions with your business partners
  • press conferences
  • panel discussions
  • book launches
  • product presentations
  • training courses
  • development policy deployments and delegations

Hallmarks of quality


  • skilled, tailored advice directly from your interpreters
  • recognition of each individual assignment’s particularities
  • pertinent interpreting degree
  • professionalism
  • intercultural skills
  • thorough preparation of various topics
  • continuing education
  • adherence to the professional associations’ code of ethics
  • discretion and confidentiality
  • protection of your corporate image
  • appropriate attire
  • stress resilience
  • flexibility


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